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Freelancing with multiple clients

One of the best things about freelancing is the ability to pick and choose the kind of projects you are working on, which can sometimes mean freelancing with multiple clients at once. If you’re new to the juggling act, we’ve got some sound advice on making it work for you.

What to cover in your cover letter

Writer’s block hitting hard at the worst possible time? The devil is in the details (and the job description). I have been paid to write, in one capacity or another, for close to 15 years. And in all that time, no single style of writing has vexed me more than the dreaded Cover Letter™. I […]

Decluttering your desktop

Get organized and stay organized by decluttering your desktop. We’re all guilty of letting things accumulate on our computers, slowing them down until that fateful day you’re forced to do a system update and have to close 17 programs and million tabs. Get a fresh start by clearing out the noise.

How we ran virtual workshops (that worked)

We made key business decisions in virtual workshops, and all it took was a little preparation. One refrain I hear over and over from remote leaders—voices in my own head included—is that nothing beats in-person white-boarding. When it comes to brainstorming sessions and real-time collaboration, the available tools for remote work seem to fall short.

Retention as a hiring metric

Hiring for growth is the best kind of hiring. At, we believe there is one number that is the ultimate measure of how good you are at hiring: employee retention. We define this as the measure of time, in months or years, that someone voluntarily stays with your organization before moving onto another job.

The great portfolio debate

The battle rages on. There are more grains of sand in the Sahara than there are opinions on whether you need a portfolio, but just barely. When it comes to the great portfolio debate, here’s what to consider before diving in.

How I hired a guy from Home Depot to run operations

Moral of the story: if you see the potential in someone, be persistent. They just might be your next COO. In 2013, we had just finished going through an incubator (one I found by googling “Nashville Startups”), where I learned for the first time about venture capital. Prior to this incubator, I had no idea […]
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