Debuts Group Funding for Open Source Projects

by Rich Jones on Dec 13, 2011.

Berkeley, CA - After months of development, we're proud to announce that now has the ability for groups to pool their money together to fund software development! This makes the perfect platform for people to raise funds for small programming tasks, like writing features, fixing bugs and writing documentation. Best of all, it's free for open source projects (though it's only a small fee for private projects).

Kickstarter for Open Source?

We're like Kickstarter, in that we believe that people can do great things when they put their money together, but our implementation is different. On Kickstarter, people raise funds for themselves because they need capital for the materials in their projects. This is great for lofty 'meatspace' projects, but it's not the best arrangement for the nitty gritty world of software development. Software projects are rarely limited by access to materials - the real limit is the time, knowledge or energy of the developers involved.

That's why gigs posted here are winner take all, where the first person to fufill the requirements of the job to the poster's satisfaction is the one who gets paid. This is a 'bounty' system, but with convenient group funding of those bounties. Gigs posted here aren't by people who want to be pre-paid for their work, but by people who want to see work done.


We think that something like this has been needed for a long time now. Open source software is super cool, but it sometimes lags in quality and usability. Open source developers usually get projects into a 'good enough' state - good enough for them, but often not good enough for other users and developers. We're hoping to change that.

You don't have to be the author of a project to fund its development. If you want to see a new feature in a project or see a bug fixed, chances are that there are other people out there that want to see it as well. So post the gig yourself and encourage other people to fund the project!

Getting Started

In the next few weeks, we'll be working with members of the open source community to match funding of the most needed improvements in the open source world. In the meantime, we've got a few cool projects being funded here which still need people to fund and develop them:

That should get things cooking!

The Future

We really think that this is going to change the way that software gets made - that's our whole philosophy! So if you've got a new feature you want made or a bug you want fixed, and you want to be part of the new era of open source, post a new open source gig and make it happen!

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