Digital web agency Fröjd Interactive in Stockholm is looking for awesome web developers



Working at Fröjd

  • We are web nerds - you too!
  • Everyone here has a development background or technical education, including project managers and our CEO.
  • We are full stack developers - everything from database to front-end.
  • You are a generalist who can embrace what suits the project best. We are currently working with PHP, C#, Python, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Backbone.js, etc.
  • You choose between OS X, Windows and Linux and what editor you like to work with. It’s important that you work in an environment that you like. People here usually go for Sublime Text 2, Vim or TextMate.
  • Everyone has a personal yearly budget for going to conferences, buying books and courses.
  • Ten percent of your time goes to hackdays, internal projects and other types of competence activities.

Projects at Fröjd

  • Creative solutions - be a part of the solution even before the project starts.
  • We usually don’t work overtime. There are rare cases where this happens, but our approach is to plan projects well so we don’t have to sweat it during night time.
  • Structured work with Scrum, Kanban and Agile.
  • Working in teams makes it clear with who does what and how your weekly planning looks.
  • Form the future of Fröjd together with us!

Fröjd’s Office

  • We have a weekly workout with free lunch after if you like.
  • Mandatorish ping pong 15 min every day, beer on fridays and movie nights.
  • Ergonomic chairs.
  • Lot’s of skilled colleagues who wants to help you when you get stuck.
  • Very central location near Stockholm central station.

About us

Fröjd is a digital web agency focused on development of digital web solutions. We work with everything web such as e-commerce, communities and mobile sites. Close collaboration with our clients is a key success factor. We work with brands like Vattenfall, Klarna and Samsung to name a few.

We love the web and want to contribute to the development of internet by creating cutting edge web solutions. Everyone at Fröjd has a technical background, even our project managers. This enables us to give technical advice to our clients and to build trust in our projects.

As a web developer you will work with everything from starting up and setting up projects, planning and estimating projects to building web sites and maintaining them. There is of course a big focus on the building part. Our projects usually range from seven days to seven months.

Are you a devoted generalist web developer? Please send your resume and a short introduction about yourself to


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