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Multiple positions developing interesting, innovative tech and solving challenging business problems.


Satellite is a Tag Management System (TMS) with a unique approach to sophisticated, event-centric management of Javascript and HTML tags. Its a rules engine and a capabilities injection framework that shifts the responsibility of integrating browser-based products (Analytics, ReMarketing, Social Widgets, etc) out of the core source code development lifecycle and into the hands of the product stakeholders. It enables integration, literally, on-the-glass and reduces effort by a measurable 95%.

The engine and rules library are spectacular Javascript emitted by a sophisticated Rails administration UI built by an elite team at HashRocket. Its an absolute pleasure to work on an app with this level of quality.

Search Discovery

That’s us! SearchDiscovery is a search optimization, analytics and online marketing agency that has been helping companies manage their online portfolios, presence, traffic and toolset for more than a decade. We’re profitable and stable. We invented Satellite to solve a problem we, and our clients, faced frequently: complicated integration of tools and the tagging of their portfolio of sites. We simply couldn’t accept that it had to be this difficult! So we fixed that.

We’re still small, with less than 20 employees, but growth is accelerating. Each member of our organization is a key contributor and each person shapes our culture and work environment. Consider yourself a very critical component to ensuring that we continue to love our work and find success going forward.

What would you do?

Its your brain we’re after. We are looking for creative, innovative, resourceful technology professionals who are enthusiastic about solving business problems.

We’d love for you to train with HashRocket, at their beachfront location, for as long as you are comfortable. They have a wicked effective culture, process and approach to Rails development. Bring that competency home. You’ll certainly design, develop, manage and grow our web application and suite of products. Satellite is one of a suite of enabling technologies we intend to bring to market. You shouldn’t limit your options to just Rails. We want the right technology to solve each new challenge. You’ll work closely with HashRocket over a manageable transition to in-house responsibility. We’re growing so you’ll need their help to keep velocity maximized. You’ll nurture our development team, promote best practices, mentor new developers and continue to recruit from the Atlanta community. You’ll have the opportunity to recruit and build your dream team. You’ll learn and apply innovative tools, gems, practices, etc. You’ll contribute to the Atlanta technology community through user group participation, hack-a-thons and anything else that you feel is important to ensuring that Atlanta remains a hot Rails city You’ll identify and attend strategic conferences and events. You’ll help shape the processes and culture that define how, when and where you work.


Experience with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Git, SQL, MongoDB, Heroku Experience in all aspects of web application development including requirements gathering, story-carding, estimating, architecture/design, development, deployment, configuration, performance, troubleshooting A genuine passion for your work

Other Perks?

Laid-back/casual/fun culture, premium in-house coffee, flexible hours, excellent midtown (10th and W. Peachtree) office location, friday happy hour Flexible hours, family friendly and liberal vacation policy. We don’t keep track of “time off” but instead focus on a shared mission and deliverables

Work/Life balance is important to all of us Relocation certainly considered as would be international hires

Atlanta, Ga

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