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About Us: Healthx is a leading provider of web portal technology that streamlines the process of healthcare administration for insurance payers, healthcare providers and patients. By combining our unique technology and innovative strategies, Healthx accelerates communication and access to healthcare information resulting in lower costs. Healthx products touch thousands of lives on a daily basis throughout the U. S. bringing unequaled convenience and service. Healthx, a privately held company, made up of talented employees focused on delivering world class technology. What we need: Healthx is looking for an experienced software engineer to join the Engineering Development team. The professional in this position will have the freedom to: Build industry-leading, cutting edge software with the best technologies available. Have a high level of autonomy to show how good you are at taking charge of what you are working on while producing simple, scalable code that gets the job done efficiently. Enjoy the freedom of an agile development approach managed by Scrum instead of a stuffy project management style that expects you to do the impossible of designing all possible outcomes prior to starting any development at all. Responsibilities: Author scalable, reusable code using C#, Javascript, JQuery, HTML/CSS and XML/XSLT for anything from API’s to front-end interfaces. Collaborate on Scrum teams for development and be able to interact with our testing/documentation team, customer service, or in some cases, outside software engineers as needed. Write maintainable code in a professional software engineering environment that has the least amount of “red tape” we can get by with, which includes source control, a release process, and continuous deployment. Requirements: A passion for writing software A minimum of 5 years of coding experience would be good (including school), 10 years would be better, but what matters is you have experience with API and/or Web development. An ability to form and share your opinions on technology and coding approach based on your own experience, not someone else’s. You are able to produce your own code, the kind of stuff that other people will be using, rather than just spitting out what someone else has already done. You view the code you write and the functionality you create as something to take ownership of and be proud of rather than something to check off a “to do list.” You love to make an impact and thrive in small, collaborative, energetic teams. You want to take on responsibility and make a significant impact in small, highly effective teams. Bonus Points: You’ve had to deal with performance concerns in larger scale SQL Databases. You have a standard set of technology sites you read and like to try out the things you learn there to understand what they are talking about and why they are talking about it. Formal education or training in computer science (bachelors/masters). Perks: Flexible hours including periodic work-at-home opportunities. We care about how good of a Software Engineer you are, not about how good you are about being at your desk. The opportunity to join a team that Engineers don’t leave once they join. An excellent benefit package that includes medical, dental, life, disability and 401k benefits as well as paid vacation and holidays.

Indianapolis, In

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