Lead Web Developer - Full-stack




Imaging Resource was founded in 1998 with the goal of leading people to positive experiences with their cameras. We've grown steadily since then and today offer the most exhaustive and objective camera reviews on the internet. We're passionate about photography and making our site the greatest resource we possibly can.

As a project manager, I care a lot about increasing developer productivity… in the last year I've taken the team from about 0/12 on the Joel Test to a solid 7.5 and I'm looking to push that higher…

We are now looking to take the site to the next level and you’ll be a big part of how we accomplish that. Dynamic product comparison tools, an image recognition & comparison utitlty, revamping our site infrastructure to increase responsiveness, etc.


You’d have significant latitude to recommend, architect and implement solutions, as well as the assistance of existing hourly contractors. This job can be done remotely and you would have significant flexibility in the hours you keep. Compensation level is competitive for this full-time contract position with a term of 6 months.

Developer at heart

We’re looking for someone with demonstrated passion for development. The successful candidate will have extensive, professional experience in several languages as well as knowledge of a few obscure languages driven primarily by simple curiosity.

You should also have a github account and/or some other indication of substantive contributions to one or more public projects. Oh, and a stackoverflow account and/or examples of communication, research and troubleshooting abilities would be great.

With great power…

This job is open to remote candidates, so a high degree of self-motivation, discipline and integrity are crucial. Excellent communication & interpersonal abilities are equally critical.

Full-stack fluency

We’re a pretty lean group and, while we have a third-party admin outfit for OS-level stuff, we’d like this developer to have full-stack fluency. You should be familiar with different caching solutions, have the ability to configure Apache & Nginx as well as to create and modify deployment scripts (preferably using capistrano) and automate server provisioining.

The basics

  • Deep experience with PHP and one or more PHP frameworks (slight preference for Cake)
  • Experience in python, ruby or something not PHP (a good developer won't constrain themselves to PHP)
  • Javascript, jquery and json-slinging
  • HTML5 & CSS3


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