Senior Developer, Sydney Australia (node.js, CouchDB, Chef)




Pinion are a well funded startup with an engineering team based in Surry Hills. Other non-technical people are located in the US, mainly so that we can work closely with Valve.

Pinion provide an avenue for community owners to pay for gaming infrastructure by displaying an advertisement while the game loads. These ads are unobtrusive and can be skipped at any time. Advertising can be a dirty word, but we hope people see us as the good guys. Find out more:


Things have gone far better than expected so we’re hoping the right senior engineer can help us grow sustainably and make our platform better.

For example, time is precious on a MOTD screen. We want to build our own video ad serving system that’s the fastest in the world. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it for a company like ours. That’s just one of many problems dying to be solved this year. Skills & Requirements


The focus isn’t on years experience with a particular technology. We just want to hire smart people and leave them alone with the tools they need to make great software.

Here are the technologies we currently use: node.js, mySQL, Riak, CouchDB, Redis, Chef, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

The more you know about each technology, the better but don’t worry if you’re not across all of these. If you’ve shipped great software in the past, I’m sure we’ll get along fine.

If you are handy on the DevOps side of things, that would be a nice bonus.

Sydney, Australia

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