C/C++ Engineer



Leap Motion is currently hiring bright and ambitious C/C++ engineers who are passionate problem-solvers to help us tackle challenges in Computer Vision, Applied Math, Physics, Algorithms, Graphics, UI/UX design, Gesture Control, Machine Learning, Hardware Design, Driver Development, Photonics, and much more. We like people who think unconventionally and creatively, finding elegant solutions to problems that are yet unsolved.

We want people who share our passion for the Leap technology and the future that it will enable. You will be part of the core team at Leap Motion that brings forward a world of innovation.


Well rounded Software Engineers who are strong in C or C++ and have a passion for any of the following related specializations:

• Computer Vision • Image/Signal Processing • Graphics Programming • Machine Learning/AI • Motion Control/Sensing/Tracking • Augmented Reality • API Development
• Driver Development • Infrastructure Engineering • Algorithm Engineering (Applied Math/Physics)

San Francisco, Ca

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