Build a better class of (simulated) criminal



The Metasploit Products team at Rapid7 is growing and looking for two talented Rubyists to come work on the world's premier tool for white-hat hackers.

What we do here

  • build tools for infiltrating networks and systems
  • stretch the limits of Ruby
  • make big news for discovering crazy stuff
  • help make the internet a safer place

You want to

  • be a part of a small, cross-functional team
  • have sane deadlines and work-life balance
  • code from home a couple days a week
  • work for an established, profitable company on an industry-leading application
  • work in a Scrum-oriented environment emphasizing pairing and TDD
  • choose your development environment and tools (OS X or Linux)

You can offer

  • several years experience as a professional software engineer
  • at least 1 year programming Ruby/Rails in a professional environment
  • experience with common Ruby testing frameworks (RSpec, Minitest, Test::Unit, etc)
  • basic understanding of OOP principles and patterns
  • demonstrated knowledge of primary Rails APIs (ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, etc)
  • basic-to-intermediate knowledge of Linux
  • basic understanding of TCP/IP
  • basic understanding of Javascript and common libraries (esp. jQuery)

The ideal rockstarninjawarlord person will have

  • a GitHub account full of code we can check out
  • experience programming web applications in a variety of languages/frameworks
  • advanced Javascript experience (OOP patterns in JS, creating libraries/plugins)
  • experience with Scrum or some other Agile/XP development methodology
  • background in information security
  • strong understanding of TCP/IP networking
  • experience with TCP/IP protocol analysis
  • experience with dev ops (especially Chef)

You will work

  • for a competitive salary, great benefits, a 401(k) plan, and equity
  • full-time - usually onsite but with several telecommute days per week
  • in lovely Austin, Texas
  • after being relocated at company expense (if necessary)

Austin, Tx

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