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One of the main reasons we created Everyme is because the future scares us. By default, when users sign up for Facebook or Google+, updates are shared publicly with the world. If you work on apps, you know that 80 or 90% of users just use the default provided to them. That means that a large percentage of people are sharing content with Googlebot and Facebook public search without knowing.

To verify that this is true, you can actually go to Facebook and search public posts for things like "doing 90" and you'll find thousands of people talking about how they're speeding on the freeway right now, amongst other illegal activities. If a simple search can reveal thousands of people sharing things that can make them un-hireable, can get them locked up, or have their insurance rates raised, imagine what insurance companies, governments, and other entities are doing with public data?

It's clear that profit can be derived from people sharing thing in public - or breaching consumer privacy - but it doesn't have to be that way. It is Everyme's mission to change the direction that things are headed in, with a combination of engineering, design, and principled decision-making that always puts user privacy first.

If that is a mission that appeals to you, join us to make the future a better place for everyone, not just users that are smart enough to change their privacy settings. Currently, we are hiring iOS and Android developers full- time in our brand new Mountain View, CA office.

Mountain View, Ca

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