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A roundup of Raspberry Pi projects

Pull it out of the closet, dust it off, and find something on this roundup of Raspberry Pi projects that’ll finally put it to good use.

Abbey Charles
Abbey Charles
· 6 min read
Raspberry Pi processor - A roundup of Raspberry Pi projects

Harrison Broadbent | Unsplash

How many Raspberry Pi’s have been purchased with visions of grandeur, planning for months all the amazing things that will be built with their small, but mighty, processors? A brief survey of my (home) office says at least one. In my quest to find something to finally do with it, I hunted down some of the most fun and innovative ideas I could find. 

These come with varying degrees of complexity, so whether you’re looking for a fun weekend project to do with someone new to coding or want to dig into something a little more in-depth, there’s bound to be a project that forces you to finally plug that bad boy back in.

Music album art display

I recently moved into a new house, and one of the things we treated ourselves to was a new Sonos system. And while we both share a love of hip hop, our musical tastes diverge pretty quickly from there. So when one of his Southern doom metal songs comes on that I actually like, I want to take note and ask him for more of that band in specific (and learn that Weedeater is a band and not the thing I use to trim the weeds in the yard).

To that end, this album art cover display would be the perfect addition to the new stereo, and as it’s a fairly easy project to execute, I think it could be a good jumping off point.

Meeting notification

Home sweet home office, amiright? Except for everyone else in the house who has a hard time understanding what it means when you’re in a meeting. While it’s just me and my no-meeting-having betrothed in our house, this could be super useful for those of you with kids, roommates, and the like lurking around the corner. This one is linked up to Microsoft Outlook, but I’d guess the end result can be accomplished with a variety of scheduling tools. 

Now if the dogs would just learn to read.

Time lapse camera

I’ve always loved time lapse photography and video. Maybe it’s the idea that I can speed up time, or that I can experience something in minutes that takes someone else hours to experience themselves. And while my phone does have time lapse capabilities, what am I supposed to scroll through while that video takes its sweet time? 

This is one of those Raspberry Pi projects that solves all the problems: it gets used, I get to take cool time lapse pictures, and my Reddit account doesn’t get lonely. 

AI air guitar

I don’t want to brag about my air guitar skills. Because they’re basically non-existent. But I’ve always watched those air guitar competitions in awe of the skills they possess, and that’ll make me flip on The Ocho each and every time. 

Since it looks like the 2022 World Championships are tomorrow, that gives me basically a full year to build this AI air guitar setup, hone my skills, and start virtually shredding.

Mini Altoids tin gaming console

I’m one of those women that has a purse that would make Mary Poppins blush: if I think I might need or use it and can find it in a small enough package, it’s going in. I absolutely LOVE miniature versions of everyday items, so to say this one is exciting to me should go without saying. 

The mini gaming console is not only a tiny version of my favorite commuting pastime, using the Altoids tin makes me feel like it’s some sort of special spy gear. Win-win in my book.

Hydroponic farm

Speaking of visions of grandeur, I fancy myself as somewhat of a gardener, despite repeated failed attempts at generating a harvest large enough for more than the occasional salad. And while I would love to get to the point where I could justify a FarmBot, I think this vertical garden will have to serve as my proving grounds for the time being. 

Magic mirror

For whatever reason, I have always wanted a magic mirror. It was the first project I had in mind when I got a Pi, and still remains high on my list of things to build. I like the idea of starting my day without my phone, and this seems like a great way to get the day’s vitals without Twitter notifications about the latest disaster befalling the world.

Sign language tutor

Like most languages, American Sign Language has a lot of nuances that can drastically change the meaning of a sign or phrase. None of the examples I can give are HR-approved, so you’ll have to use your imagination. This sign language tutor teaches the basic ASL alphabet, but seems like it could have endless applications if more was developed. 

Find something on this roundup of Raspberry Pi projects that strikes your fancy? Build one up and share it with us over on Twitter!

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