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Looking to score a bounty worth $60k in development resources? We’ve got just the pitch competition for you. Applications are due by Monday, November 21st.

We’ve never much cared for going with the flow, which is why when it came time to decide how we could help another post-seed startup spread its wings, we went with something unconventional.

Unlike a traditional pitch competition, where the aim is to impress an investor, this one involves impressing a panel of senior developers. In the end, one grand prize will be awarded in the form of a three month full-time contract with a vetted, expertly-matched senior engineer.

What we’re looking for

In addition to sharing some basic information with us, you will need to submit a pitch video recorded through Rhetoric (instructions here). Rhetoric allows for easy sharing, commenting, and collaboration, and is (in our opinion) the best recording experience on the web.

Here are some things we’d like to see:

  • Focus on describing the compelling problem your product seeks to solve and framing the solution in terms of the impact it has on the problem.
  • While the usual rules for pitching to an investor don’t necessarily apply here, you should still communicate clearly how you know your product has traction.
  • Demonstrate your 3-6 month product roadmap, describing the “why” behind the choices involved.
  • Show us what it is about your product that developers love to work with. Why would a developer be excited to join your team?
  • Describe what you would be able to accomplish with 3 months of full-time development resources.
  • Explain how good code is being used to help solve an interesting or complex problem through your product.


This is open to post-seed companies located anywhere in the world. The company must be open to working with contractors located in any time zone or geographic location.

While any company can apply, preference will be shown for those in the housing, education, transportation, energy, and climate sectors.

Once the competition closes, there will be three rounds of judging. The first and second rounds will be done by staff, while the third round will be done by the developer community. Round one will be to determine qualified applicants; round two will determine the finalists; round three will determine the winner.

The grand prize is a three-month full-time contract with a vetted, expertly-matched senior developer–our specialty. This is estimated to be worth $60,000USD.

Applications open on Monday, November 7th at 9:00am CST and close Monday, November 21st at 11:59pm CST.