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Search’s framework for reducing hiring risk

Few things slow the velocity of innovation like a lack of bandwidth and expertise. Oftentimes, the best ideas get put on the back burner, because committing to them means also committing to a time and resource-intensive hiring process (one that runs the risk of not even working out). It’s a perennial catch-22 that usually ends […]

8 best sites to hire JavaScript developers

JavaScript is a popular programming language used in front-end and back-end development.  Despite being around for well over two decades, JavaScript’s future is secure. This is thanks to popular front-end frameworks like Ember, React, and Vue. Node.js will continue to be a dominant force on the server side too.

Season 3, Ep. 14 – TWiTH: Apple sues Microsoft, with Grey Garner

Homogenous design didn’t happen overnight; there’s a long and storied history of operating systems looking the same. And today, Grey and Faith talk about the very first instance of Apple suing Microsoft over design copyrights. While the suit didn’t go Apple’s way, thanks to some missteps by their legal team, it did have ripple effects–like […]

AI and ML tools to help you hire

When it comes to hiring, everyone wishes it was easier, us included (that’s why we’re here, after all). And while ChatGPT has certainly received the lion’s share of press over its capabilities, the reality is that there is a treasure trove of AI and ML (machine learning) hiring tools that can help take the edge […]

Cost of delay savings with

When it comes to hiring, it’s easy to look at the amount you’re paying the newest addition to the roster as the most significant cost. The cost to your company is terms of delays and manpower is another accounting line item that’s often overlooked. Here, we detail what the average cost is to hire someone […]