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About Gunio

    Welcome to!

    Gunio - pronounced 'Gun-yo' (IPA: [gʌn.joʊ]) - is a place where independent and open source developers can hire each other.

    We're trying to advance the culture of independent software development - so we've made a place where indie developers can find other devs to help work on their projects and find gigs to work on when they need cash.

Open Source

    We love Free and Open Source software - that's why we offer free gig posting for Open Source projects. Do you have some unfinished project you've always wanted finished, but don't have the time? Post an Open Source gig and find another hacker to finish it for you! Or check out all the Open Source listings and get paid to work on open source software - what could be better?


    You don't work, you don't eat; you don't grind, you don't shine. Writing software is a great way to make money - customers have problems, and you've got the skills to solve them. But you can't always do it alone - some projects need a whole team making them. So, if you've got faith in yourself and you know that your project will be profitable, then find some talented people to help with the tasks you can't handle on your own.


    Are you stuck at a shitty job? Maybe you just want to trying working in a new city? If you need a new job, then check out our careers page and find the best jobs at the coolest companies. And if you're at the top of your own company now, then post any openings your company has and find the best talent to drive your business.

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    Happy hacking, partner!