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Latest articles’s framework for reducing hiring risk

Few things slow the velocity of innovation like a lack of bandwidth and expertise. Oftentimes, the best ideas get put on the back burner, because committing to them means also committing to a time and resource-intensive hiring process (one that runs the risk of not even working out). It’s a perennial catch-22 that usually ends […]

Season 3, Ep. 14 – TWiTH: Apple sues Microsoft, with Grey Garner

Homogenous design didn’t happen overnight; there’s a long and storied history of operating systems looking the same. And today, Grey and Faith talk about the very first instance of Apple suing Microsoft over design copyrights. While the suit didn’t go Apple’s way, thanks to some missteps by their legal team, it did have ripple effects–like […]

AI and ML tools to help you hire

When it comes to hiring, everyone wishes it was easier, us included (that’s why we’re here, after all). And while ChatGPT has certainly received the lion’s share of press over its capabilities, the reality is that there is a treasure trove of AI and ML (machine learning) hiring tools that can help take the edge […]

Technical decision-making beyond the tech stack

When you think about technical decision-making within your company, how many of those decisions come down to just the stack you’ll be developing with? It turns out there are far more choices you’ll have to make, and making them early on will help to avoid headaches down the road.

Season 3, Ep. 9 – Transparency and accountability in digital advertising, with Claire Atkin, Co-Founder of CheckMyAds

The web of digital advertising is wide-spread and many-threaded; when companies use ad tech to promote their products, they don’t always know what their ads are supporting. This week Faith talks to Claire Atkin, co-founder of CheckMyAds, about how ad tech makes money, ways to tackle big advertising, and how we can all help fight […]
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