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Vetted job opportunities for world-class engineers

Work with exceptional technology companies on your terms. We help you land and manage a steady stream of remote, long-term work.


Simple sign-up and set-up

Create a profile and meet a member of our team who will personally help you land interviews on the platform. We believe your past work speaks for itself better than a slew of code tests ever could.

Where developers—not recruiters or AI—help you find work

Our Technical Talent Advocates (who are all senior developers) make sure all jobs on the platform have realistic requirements and pitch you for roles you’d excel in.

Get post-hire support

We bill your clients, guarantee your payments, and support you during the engagement. Increased earning potential, Decreased freelancing stress—trend lines we like to see.

Keep 100% of the rate you choose

You name your rate and we honor it. Our fees are charged to clients, not you. clients expect to pay market rates, not race-to-the-bottom ones.

How it works

Find your perfect job

Complete a quick and painless screening

To save you time, we only accept and approve developers who we are confident can land a job on the platform. You’ll hear back from us within a day, max.

Create your profile and meet our DevRel team

These fellow developers will get to know you and what you’re looking for, and will personally pitch you for roles. You can also apply directly.

Meet clients

Our team will facilitate interviews between you and clients when the interest is mutual.

Get to work

Once contracts are signed, you and your clients work together directly. You earn 100% the rate you set for yourself, and we stick around to support you during the engagement.

Talent comes first

Here’s what developers say about us

Ben Simon:
Full-Stack Engineer

Ben Simon
The thing about is that they’re just so…human. At every step in the process, I’ve been a Slack message away from a person who genuinely wants to help me succeed. From helping me set up my profile, to understanding why I didn’t get gigs I applied for, to supporting me during the project. It’s like I’ve been upgraded to First Class when I was totally expecting to fly Coach.

Umar Mirza:
Full-Stack Engineer

Umar Mirza
As an independent contractor, I had to deal with much more than just coding. took away all the hassle of remote work management and left me with just the part I love: coding! With I got exciting job opportunities, lucrative hourly rates, and timely payments. There is nothing more a developer could ask for.

Arthur Kay:
Front-End Engineer

Arthur Kay has made it easy for me to find meaningful part-time gigs and grow my freelance business! Their platform connects me with highly-vetted companies and projects, allowing me to spend less time on sales/marketing/billing and more time just writing code. Best of all, most gigs allow me a flexible schedule so I can deliver my best work on my terms. As a freelancer I cannot recommend more highly.

Darko Bozhinovski:
Full-Stack Engineer

Darko Bozhinovski
What I find most valuable is the approach has with the people that find work via It’s wildly different from what most of the competition does, and it’s a great experience for anyone that may want to find work remotely. The projects are great too, but what shines for me personally is the team behind and the way they treat us as freelancers.

Developer-first by design

Save time and earn more

Complete a quick screening, a basic profile, and an intro call with our team. Then we’ll introduce you to clients and help you get hired.