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Vetted job opportunities for world-class engineers

Work with exceptional companies on your own terms. We help you land great gigs, manage contracts, and keep a steady flow of remote, long-term work.

Build your profile

You'll start off by setting up a profile with where you'll detail your work history, preferred languages, and more. We believe your past work speaks more about your experience than a slew of code tests ever could.

Our team of developers–not recruiters or AI–helps you find work

Our team of Technical Talent Advocates, who are all senior developers themselves, ensures every job on the platform has realistic expectations and requirements before pitching roles where you'd be a perfect fit. provides post-hire support

We bill clients, guarantee your payments, and support you throughout the engagement. Every new contract increases your earning potential and decreases the stress of freelancing, which is a trend we love to see.

Keep 100% of the rate you set

You deserve to get paid exactly what you're asking for, which is why we guarantee the rate you charge is what you get paid. Fees are charged to clients to work with us, and they expect to pay market rates, not bottom of the barrel ones.

How does it work?

Find a perfect fit for your next contract


Start off with an easy screening

To save everyone time, we only screen, accept, and approve developers who we are confident can land a job on the platform. Once the screening is completed, you'll hear from us within 24 hours.


Create a profile and meet our DevRel team

A fellow senior-level developer will get to know you and the type of positions you're looking for, which helps them to match you with roles. You can apply directly, but if they come across an opportunity where you would be a good fit, they will pitch you to the client.


Talk live with potential clients

We'll share your profile with clients, they'll choose who they want to move forward with, and we'll set up interviews between you and the client to get a better idea of how you can work together.


Sign a contract and get to work will facilitate getting contracts signed, setting up payments, and getting you to work with your client. We'll also be right by your side for the duration of the engagement to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here’s what developers say about us

I so appreciate the lovely folks at With their platform, it’s not a total slog to present myself in the best light to potential clients; the feedback and guidance I received throughout the signup and application process were invaluable in landing a gig with the best client I’ve ever worked with.

Sean B.
Full-stack Developer has been a game changer for my freelance business. The team helped me land an opportunity almost immediately after signing up and have always been extremely thoughtful and committed to my success. As a freelancer, getting consistent work is always a concern. Working with allows me to just focus on delivering quality code instead of worrying about deal flow.

Obi A.
Mobile Developer is a game-changer for freelance devs like me. It focuses on competence and skill in developers, thus creating a precedent that guarantees both employers and devs get the best talents and engagements possible. was really a milestone in my freelance career. It enabled job opportunities that I wouldn’t find on my own: located all over the world, requiring high skill and correctly remunerated.

Sergio M.
DevOps Engineer

I love working with, the caliber of the talent and the attention provided by the Gun team is fantastic. It allows me to concentrate on getting my work done without being bogged down in the hiring process.

Jordan A.
Tech Lead

The onboarding experience was fantastic. Thorough, friendly, helpful. Everyone was welcome and helpful and seemed really focused on making the developers successful. The extra attention to resumes, work experience, and presentation to clients really sets the experience with Gun above anyone else I’ve worked with. There’s a real focus on quality.

Matt H.
Full-stack Developer

Save time and earn more

Complete a screening, basic profile, and an intro call with our team and we’ll get you started working with great clients in no time.

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