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Company interview guide

After facilitating thousands of interviews, here is our best advice for conducting an efficient and productive interview with developers.

Our Advice

  1. Before you start interviewing, develop a set of structured interview questions. In our experience, structured interviews yield better-aligned hires. The concept is simple: you identify the 3-4 most critical characteristics for this hire, then develop questions designed to uncover each characteristic. Asking this same set of questions for each interview will help you identify the best candidate—as opposed to the best interviewer.

    When you’re crafting your structured interview questions, lean on questions that require examples from the candidate’s career: questions like, “tell me about a time when you had to design a feature from scratch.”

    Listen and take notes using the STAR method—situation, task, action, and result—so you can easily compare each candidate’s answers. Specifically for the “results” part of the response, be sure to ask the candidate to back up their statements with data.
  2. Open with more context about yourself, the company, and the role you’re hiring for. The only information applicants have is what was provided in the job description. Giving a bit more background will drive a more meaningful conversation.
  3. Don’t sweat the basic technical qualifications. Each candidate you meet on has been vetted and selected for your role by a senior engineer. Unless your job description has room for interpretation, you can be assured that the general fit is there. We recommend diving into what makes your project unique and digging deeper into the candidate’s past work with certain technologies and industries.
  4. Trust your interview strategy. A well-designed structured interview massively reduces bias in the interview process and drives the conversation. The data you collect during the interview process might determine that the best candidate is someone you didn’t expect: perhaps a candidate with a different education, first language, or location than you expected. Trust it!

Interview FAQs

How many rounds of interviews should I expect?

Our process is designed to save you time. Because we have verified each candidate’s technical qualifications ahead of their interview with you, interviews can be used to dive right into discussion. For that reason, we recommend having all relevant stakeholders present for the interview and using that time to make a go or no go decision.

Is just one interview really enough?

When we hire technical employees, we use the very same platform and process that you are using. Since candidates have already been interviewed and verified to be accepted onto the platform, our engineering lead completes just one interview with these candidates before making a hiring decision. Our goal is to offload the weight of the logistics from your side and allow you to focus on the talent in real-time. Just let us know if you have any questions about how or when to consolidate steps.

Can I schedule more rounds if needed?

Yes, we’re happy to facilitate further interview rounds if necessary.