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Inside vetting

How do we determine who makes the cut?

We only invite the best to join

Only engineers with verified experience in production environments, using in-demand technologies, and who have successfully managed remote, contract engagements make it through our first round of vetting.


Signed up in 2022

4,881 (29%)

Passed screening in 2022

962 (6%)

Approved in 2022

Deep evaluation on skills and culture fit by a senior engineer

We seek to understand what makes each developer unique. This phase includes: 

  • A comprehensive look at their experience and expertise with relevant technologies.
  • A WorkStyle audit to understand ideal cultural and professional conditions. 
  • X-factor analysis to identify roles, industries, and other specializations which brings unique and outsized value to an engagement.

Critically, this evaluation is designed and run by senior engineers, not recruiters or salespeople.

Actively mentor and coach on an ongoing basis

DevRel stays connected to each client engagement to ensure 100% satisfaction on both sides of the equation. Talent must maintain the highest level of integrity to continue working through our platform.

Who conducts developer vetting on

Our developer relations team is comprised of senior engineers who really, really care about fixing technical hiring.

Deividi Silva

15 years of experience as a software developer, tech lead, and engineering manager.

Richa Bhardwaj

15 years of experience as a tech lead and full-stack developer.

Francois Planet

12 years of experience as a solutions architect, team lead, and engineering manager.

Girish Kumar

13 years of experience as a tech lead and product manager.

Liaq Ahmad

16 years of experience as a solutions architect and senior engineer.

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