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A look at how vets talent

Our vetting playbook is informed by decades of combined experience interviewing and working with developers at all levels


Step one

Only the best of the best are asked to join the network

To make it through the first round of vetting, all applicants must have:

  • Verified experience working with in-demand technologies to build software solutions
  • Deep experience successfully managing remote, contract-based work


signed up in 2022

4,881 (29%)

passed screening in 2022

962 (6%)

approved in 2022


Step two

Our senior-level staff engineers conduct a thorough evaluation for skills and culture fit

We want to know what makes each developer unique, so we sit down with them to get a better understanding of:

  • Their previous experience and expertise with relevant technologies
  • How their WorkStyle assessment frames their ideal cultural and professional conditions
  • Which roles, industries, and other specializations they have experience in that can bring added value to an engagement

Step three

Developers are mentored and coached on an ongoing basis

Every developer working through has a dedicated talent support manager. This is a fellow developer who is there to help them maintain a high level of integrity in their work and continuously up-skill.

Sean is an all-star. Whatever we throw at them, they can handle (and often they end up handling far more than we through at them, and in less time than we originally specced, to boot). A joy to work with, fun, funny, and sharp as a tack.

John Hutchinson
Swiftkick Web
The brains

Who conducts developer vetting at

Our developer relations team is comprised of senior engineers who really, really care about fixing technical hiring.

Liaq Ahmad

Tech Lead

Liaq loves to create simple solutions to complex engineering problems for Web, Mobile and Cloud uses. He has extensive experience as a team lead and has spent time working with blockchain technologies.
previously at Medallia

Richa Bhardwaj

Full-stack Developer

Richa enjoys crafting exceptional web/mobile experiences, and is an expert in RoR, React, React Native, Node.js. Over the last 15 years, she has served as a developer, architect, and CTO for various tech companies around the world.
previously at Instrumentl

Girish Kumar

Tech Lead

Girish is a Tech Lead with a strong background in product management. He enjoys making clients the most out of their ROI via lean methodology.
previously at Foundy

Francois Planet

Python developer

Francois is a talented engineering manager and frontend engineer with experience in architecture and leading teams.
previously at Capgemini Engineering

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