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Pricing and contract options

Work fractionally with a world-class developer, or find your next salaried employee for a fraction of the cost of a recruiter

How can we hire?

Flexible contracts for growing companies

Our goal is to make working with a contract developer incredibly simple. Whichever package you choose, working through takes the pressure off of you to be a lawyer, accountant, and payroll manager in addition to your day job.

Monthly retainer

Pre-book a portion of your developer's time on a recurring monthly basis. This is a great option if you need ongoing (3+ months) bandwidth or you want to keep moving without having to re-up hours every month.

Accelerate package

Purchase a single bucket of hours up front. Perfect for shorter projects, doing a quick trial run before committing to a larger contract, or if you have a project with a clear timeframe and set of deliverables.


This is popular as an option to work with a developer until you confirm you would like to make the full salaried hire. These will be back to back transactions, where you pay the hourly rate during the contracting period, and pay the buyout fee when you bring them on full time.

Direct hire

Know your team is in it for the long haul? Bring talent aboard as a full-time direct hire, and you'll be charged a one-time fee of 20% of the developer's first year salary.

What's it cost?

Pricing tiers and buyout fees for the perfect fit

When you're growing your team, whether that's for the span of a few months or a few years, cost is always an important considerations. We've got tiered pricing for contractors, and a simple one-time buyout fee to add that talent to your team forever.

Mid-level developers

These developers have a solid background in programming, but may benefit from working alongside more senior-level talent who can provide some guidance.

Senior-level developers

At this level, developers have an advanced understanding of various technologies. They're solid at working autonomously, and can help provide guidance.

Tech Leads and Architects

With considerable experience under their belts, these professionals are capable of leading teams, building architecture for products, and driving projects.

Direct Hire
20% of 1st year salary

Whether you're turning a contractor into a full-time hire, or you're skipping the contracting altogether, we make it easy to hire them directly onto your team.