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The world's first professional WorkStyle assessment designed exclusively for software developers

Find your superpower

Great teams are made up of great strengths

It’s not just exceptional coding skills that push a project past its finish line. When you have a team of people who collaborate well, compliment each others’ work styles, and create a cohesive company culture, you’ve got everything you need to change the world.

Built for developers

Why use the WorkStyle assessment?


Looking to round out your team? Use this as a tool for filtering your candidates and increase the odds of finding a great fit.


Match up different work styles to organize your existing team into high-performance pods that meet every metric.

Job searching

Seeking out opportunities that match your WorkStyle means you have a higher chance of thriving and finding satisfaction in your newest job.

How does it work?

About the assessment’s WorkStyle assessment is a free 10-minute questionnaire that helps to articulate the different ways people approach their work. It takes into consideration what core motivations someone may have, what drains a person’s energy, how they like to be managed, and much more, to identify the Artists, Partners, Innovators, Producers, and Leaders every team needs.