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The world’s first professional WorkStyle assessment built just for software developers.

Crack your code

We’ve seen what the power of a great team can do.

We know it’s not just exceptional coding skill that makes teams thrive. Team culture, collaboration, and a blend of complementary styles are the difference-makers between good teams and world-changing teams.

The first WorkStyle assessment just for developers

Why use the WorkStyle assessment?


Put a finer filter on your candidate search and increase your chances of hitting the bullseye the first time.


We use the WorkStyle assessment to organize our teams into high-performance pods.

Job searching

Only apply for opportunities that are a match for your WorkStyle.

About the assessment WorkStyle is a free, ten-minute assessment that helps articulate the different ways people approach their work—from core motivations, to energy drains, to downtime needs—in hopes that a little more insight into each other will unlock a lot more positive outcomes.