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What can you do with Angular?

We rely on web and mobile apps, from social media to online banking, to go about our daily lives. These apps provide seamless user experiences, thanks to frameworks like Angular. These frameworks also make app development reliable and robust. So what can you do with Angular? In this blog, we’ll cover its most common uses […]

Best sites to hire Angular developers

Angular is an open-source framework that helps programmers build single-page applications. However, if you’d prefer to hire someone to write the code for you, plenty of Angular developers are willing and able. However, knowing the best sites to hire Angular developers with the skills you’re looking for can be a challenge. Where do you look? […]

Season 4, Ep. 1 – Founder to Founder, with Dylan Etkin, Founder & CEO, Sleuth

Season 4’s Founder to Founder series kicks off this week with an insightful, engaging, and incredibly entertaining conversation between’s CEO and Co-founder, Teja Yenamandra, and Sleuth’s CEO and Co-founder, Dylan Etkin. After years spent honing his skills as the Jira architect for Atlassian, Dylan saw plenty of opportunities to improve the efficiency of engineering […]
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