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What’s your software development WorkStyle?

You’ve most likely taken some form of a personal assessment. Myers-Briggs, enneagram, Rorschach, or even BuzzFeed’s classic “Which Office character are you?” test. Whether you’re a 7 with a 4 wing or Dwight Schrute, the end goal is to gain better insight into how you operate in the world. 

Remote Full-Stack salary trends during COVID-19

Most of the working world has been slow to embrace the growing remote-work trend, with many companies frantically searching for remote strategies at the last minute as the coronavirus shut offices across the world. However, inside the tech industry, the remote-work trend has caught fire over the past decade. As more companies worldwide operate through […]

What business leaders need to know about blockchain

Blockchain isn’t even close to finishing its hype cycle run. According to Forbes, the keyword “blockchain” has increased by 250% in Google Trends over the course of just one year. The blockchain market is predicted to increase in value from $708 million in 2017 to $60 billion by 2024. Today, there are over 50 publicly […]
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