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101 things we learned this year

Our daily “stand up” is more of an async update in a Slack channel. And every Friday, that update includes something we have each learned that week. These facts are sometimes useful, occasionally a little dark, and always entertaining. For your end-of-the-year reading pleasure, here are 101 facts we’d like to share with you.

Tackling programmer’s block

We’ve all been there: you’re staring at lines and lines of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, wondering where it all went wrong. Wondering why a single good idea won’t grace your brainwaves with its presence. Wondering why you’re the one suffering from programmer’s block. Let’s get unstuck together.

Remote management resources: Cultural

Remote work can happen from anywhere, which means some of the perks of office life get cast by the wayside in favor of flexibility. If you want to create a company culture that still incorporates the benefits and structure of everyone being together, you’ll need to update your approach.
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