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8 best sites to hire JavaScript developers

JavaScript is a popular programming language used in front-end and back-end development.  Despite being around for well over two decades, JavaScript’s future is secure. This is thanks to popular front-end frameworks like Ember, React, and Vue. Node.js will continue to be a dominant force on the server side too.

Building a personal assistant PWA: Part 3

In Part 2, we finished with an offline capable PWA chatbot that was able to learn our name, tell us jokes, and remind us about upcoming events. In this installment, we’ll discuss further improvements and the many (friendly and not-so-friendly) packaging and publishing options. Here’s part 3 of the Building a PWA series.

Not for techies: NFTs for everyone–Pt. 3

You’ve reached the finish line! Part 3/3. In the final installment of his 3-part series, Roberto Cano explains how to list an NFT for sale on the mainnet OpenSea platform using a smart contract.  Here we are again, my experienced developer! We are on the final stretch of our road to the NFT world. This is the […]

Understanding DynamoDB

Let’s try to understand DynamoDB with the help of a practical example. Imagine that your favorite neighborhood coffee shop is blowing up, and they want an online presence. Your company got the contract, and you are tasked with designing the backend. You discuss all the requirements and try to jot down a design for the […]

Software Automation Testing

The goal of any test is to make sure that the software meets the user’s needs. When it comes to building and implementing software, engineers and architects at any level must take care to ensure that the characteristics of the system have been taken into consideration based on the needs of the client.

REST vs GraphQL

POV: a stubborn front-end hardliner There I was, happily Axios-ing my REST endpoints, when a friend sent me a link to this interesting new toy (his words) that would apparently replace REST. Having invested a ton of time in researching REST’s finer points, and as somebody who has spent more than a few hours–sometimes with […]

Using AWS Athena to query AWS service logs

Athena is a powerful tool for ad-hoc data analysis that may also be used as a log-querying engine. After all, logs are just data on S3! In this blog post, Dustin Wilson explains how to use AWS Athena to query your service logs, illustrating with a sample configuration.
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