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Abbey Charles

Abbey Charles

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Freelancing with multiple clients

One of the best things about freelancing is the ability to pick and choose the kind of projects you are working on, which can sometimes mean freelancing with multiple clients at once. If you’re new to the juggling act, we’ve got some sound advice on making it work for you.

What to cover in your cover letter

Writer’s block hitting hard at the worst possible time? The devil is in the details (and the job description). I have been paid to write, in one capacity or another, for close to 15 years. And in all that time, no single style of writing has vexed me more than the dreaded Cover Letter™. I […]

Decluttering your desktop

Get organized and stay organized by decluttering your desktop. We’re all guilty of letting things accumulate on our computers, slowing them down until that fateful day you’re forced to do a system update and have to close 17 programs and million tabs. Get a fresh start by clearing out the noise.

The great portfolio debate

The battle rages on. There are more grains of sand in the Sahara than there are opinions on whether you need a portfolio, but just barely. When it comes to the great portfolio debate, here’s what to consider before diving in.

Should you get paid in crypto?

You spend all your time working in the digital world. Why not get paid there too? Despite the wild fluctuations in value for crypto, quite a few companies offer to pay part of your wages with it. What should you do if the offer falls on your plate? Let’s take a look at the good, […]

Crafting a great resume

A good resume talks about your work history. A great resume sells your skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just begun the hunt for your first job or if you’re a seasoned vet with a long list of accomplishments behind you, you will always need a polished resume. And while it’s good practice to brush […]

National parks you can work from

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all is takes to banish burnout. One of the best things about freelancing is that you generally have the ability to work from wherever you want. There’s no doubt that there are some challenges to working from your car or campsite (WFC, as I like to call it), but […]

How does inflation affect freelance work?

From heightened demand to the money illusion As if the last couple of years haven’t contained enough hardships to contend with, once we start to feel a sense of normalcy, we’re being hit with rising costs on everything from your latest food delivery to sky-high dealership markups on cars. Heaven forbid you’re one of the […]

Crafting your personal elevator pitch

A lot of us started working on computers because, well, we find them easier than people. The catch-22 is that you can’t work with computers and not work with people–an annoying reality, but a reality all the same. Between networking, job searches, and pitching your latest app idea, there is going to come a time […]
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