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Expert advice on mitigating hiring risk

There are plenty of ways to mitigate hiring risk: proper vetting, matching for company culture, and fractional work, to name a few. We recently talked about our own approach to it, but thought it would be great to dive into what other industry experts have to say.

How to avoid scope creep

When it comes to building out a project, putting a plan in place is paramount to its success. One of the biggest challenges to any plan is scope creep, which happens when the scope of the project expands beyond its originally established boundaries.

Season 3, Ep. 18 – TWiTH: Pixar’s Tin Toy wins an Academy Award, with Richie Clark, Senior Front-end Developer at

A last-ditch effort to prove the Pixar Image Computer was a valuable tool for entertainment and not just scientific imaging proved to be the serendipitous beginning of a new genre in animation when Tin Toy won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1989. Lucky for Faith, today’s guest, Richie Clark, knows quite a […]
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