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Hiring developers internationally

One way to turn your candidate pool into a vast ocean of opportunity is by hiring developers internationally. If you are hiring developers, and you will only look to your local area for candidates, you aren’t looking to hire the best, you are looking to hire the most convenient.  -Cal Evans

Crafting a great resume

A good resume talks about your work history. A great resume sells your skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just begun the hunt for your first job or if you’re a seasoned vet with a long list of accomplishments behind you, you will always need a polished resume. And while it’s good practice to brush […]

How to hire a freelancer for your development tasks

A decade ago, the freelance market just made up 17% of the global workforce—fast-forward to today, and this percentage has grown to 36%. As advancements in technology continue to digitize all industries, the demand for developers has skyrocketed. What’s the best way to hire a freelance developer?

The tax man cometh, even internationally

There are many reasons you may hire international developers.  It allows you to hire the best, not just the local Sometimes they will be less expensive because of their local cost of living They bring a different worldview and a diversity of thought

How to find remote software engineer jobs

Let’s face it—not everyone is cut out for a 9-5 work schedule that requires you to be confined to a single, physical location. And you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But how do you even get started finding good remote work? Here’s how to find remote software engineer jobs.

How to make more money as a freelancer

Depending on how long you’ve been freelancing, you may not even remember the thrill of getting that first contract. You know, the one where you seriously low-balled yourself and had that moment of “I should have asked for more” clarity. So you did start asking for more, and your clients have been happy to pay […]

How founding engineers can find their software team

In today’s tech-driven landscape, developers have become essential as businesses source intuitive and reliable software platforms. But here’s the hard truth — it can be extremely difficult to hire developers for a startup, particularly an early-stage one. Here’s how founding engineers can find their software team.

Productivity tips of successful CTOs

Every successful person I have ever known has had one common trait: They invest time each day crafting a schedule and prioritizing tasks before them. This doesn’t have to be a “sit at your desk and stare into space” exercise. For some, this is done in the shower each morning. For others, it’s what they […]

How much do freelance web developers make?

If you are thinking about jumping into the freelance life, you might be wondering about the salary. Can you really support yourself working as a freelance developer? How much do freelance web developers make? How do you get started figuring out your rates? 

National parks you can work from

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all is takes to banish burnout. One of the best things about freelancing is that you generally have the ability to work from wherever you want. There’s no doubt that there are some challenges to working from your car or campsite (WFC, as I like to call it), but […]
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