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July 30, 2019 · 1 min read

Driving traffic that converts for B2B sales through video with Graeme McLaughlin of Explainify

Video ads for B2C are all the ra ge in 2019: we expect our favorite brands to reach out to us through engaging, high quality video content. But what about B2B? Can video help move your customers through your funnel faster?

Graeme McLaughlin is the Head of Strategy at Explainify, where he helps B2B companies communicate better with their audience to drive sales.

In this podcast, Graeme and Ledge talk about marketing strategy and how sales and marketing can work together to bring in more revenue. Graeme shares some ideas to help you avoid paralysis by (data) analysis and instead focus on asking the questions that truly matter.

Graeme McLaughlin

Head of Strategy at Explanify

As Head of Strategy at Explainify, Graeme McLaughlin helps B2B companies stand out from their competition by crafting their story. I use video to make complex concepts simple for people to understand. Graeme works with clients to take the essence of their company, their key message and translate it into a concise, digestible visual story crafted for their target audience. I am a regular conference speaker and most recently presented at Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Search Engine Strategies, eMetrics & the Direct Marketing Association.