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October 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Interview with Andrew Glover, Director, Delivery Engineering at Netflix

Teja is joined in this episode of the podcast by Andrew Glover, Director, Delivery Engineering at Netflix to discuss his entry into programming, navigating his way through a career spanning big and small companies, and finding value in stepping towards management.

Andrew Glover

Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix

I’m an experienced entrepreneur and hands-on technology executive focused on building cohesive development teams who can quickly build great products. I founded Vanward Technologies in 2001 where I served as CTO and then CEO. Vanward was acquired by JNetDirect in 2005 and was re-branded as Stelligent in 2006, where I served as President. In 2008, I founded Beacon50 where I served as Managing Partner. I had the pleasure of serving as the CTO of App47 for close to three years and then I made the move to Silicon Valley to work for Netflix in late 2013.

With a wide breadth of experience in software development processes, techniques, and tools, I’ve spent my career working with companies large and small in various vertical markets such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and ISVs. I love to write code and I’m the founder of multiple open source projects, including 2009‘s Jolt Award winner easyb. I’m the co-author of Addison-Wesley’s 2008 Jolt Award winner “Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk”, Wiley’s “Java Testing Patterns”, and Manning’s “Groovy in Action”, as well as a frequent author for multiple online publications. I’m also a regular speaker at worldwide conferences on topics such as mobile development, Continuous Integration, Behavior Driven Development, software assurance, and Agile engineering practices.