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December 16, 2019 · 1 min read

Interview with Ryan Cousins, CEO at krtkl inc

In this episode, Ledge is joined by Ryan Cousins, CEO at krtkl inc, to give his insights into an entrepreneurial mindset and how their project snickerdoodle is changing the way development is done through hardware.

Ryan Cousins

CEO and Co-founder of krtkl inc.

Ryan is co-founder and CEO of krtkl inc. in San Francisco, California. Starting out as mechatronics R&D engineer for a medical device contract manufacturer, he later served as the North America/Asia Pacific sales manager for the same company, where he led technical sales, business development, and marketing efforts. He went on to work as Vice President of Engineering at an embedded systems consulting firm where he was responsible for project management, IP strategy, and contract engineering. Ryan has a mechanical engineering degree from UCLA and is an Eagle Scout, an inventor on an awarded EU utility patent, a dual USA-Australian citizen, and a volunteer mentor to entrepreneurial youth in Oakland.