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Lessons from a remote worker

Olivia Liddell is a Technical Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services developing innovative teaching and technical training courses for partners and customers who are trying to learn more about AWS products and services. Over the course of her career, Olivia has provided her expertise as a Technical Curriculum Developer and Certified Ethical Hacker to audiences […]

How to change careers as a software developer

Cal Evans,’s Developer Evangelist, has been committed to providing valuable resources for software developers through conversations with experts. These have included Josh Holmes from Microsoft on public speaking, and Keith Casey, who previously served on the product team at Okta and as an early evangelist at Twilio on how to become a software architect.

Public speaking for software developers

If you’re like Cal Evans, a Developer Evangelist at, and other such software professionals with 35+ years of experience, you probably got into software development because you were more interested in working with technology than talking to people.  Fast forward to now, and Cal has given countless talks to thousands of people at tech […]
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