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April 20, 2017 · 3 min read

5 ways to hire iOS developers faster

1. Know Your Market

You should hire an iOS developer when you have a clear understanding of what you want and have decided that it should be for the Apple mobile market. Do you know much about your target market – do any of them use Android? 

2. Know What You Want

Do you have an idea or a plan? You are competing for developers and one of the signals you send to people who listen to your offer is how well thought-out your project idea is. Did you just dream up something that you think would be cool or have you proven that there is a market for the product and know exactly how it will work? Do you have mockups yet of what it should look like? 

No matter where you are in the process our talent has the technical, and business acumen to get your iOS project product ready.

Let’s talk about candidates again.

3. Know Your Candidate

Let’s assume that you post to one of the millions of free-for-all job posting boards that serve as the new age classified ads. Your inbox is then full of developer’s awkward cover letters, and details of their experience with technologies you have never heard of.

How can you tell if you are:
– Talking to someone with experience?
– Talking to someone that can actually complete your project?
– Someone that can communicate clearly with you in regards to the details of the user interface, project status, and any problems faced during the build?
– Talking to a real person and not a dog trained by a talented prankster?

At we vet candidates for you to cut through the noise:

List explaining how finds, tests, and certifies potential job candidates

4. Know What You Need

Regardless of the app you are developing an experienced iOS developer is key to achieving your vision. This means finding an iOS developer who has experience with the full life cycle of app development. Not to keep flexing our talent…but all developers on our bench- part-time to full-time are only accepted into our community with the main requirement of having 5-10+ years of experience. Having that length of experience ensures lifecycle experience to launch a successful app.

5. Know Your Options

You could do all these things, roll the dice, and hope that your developer gets the project done or you could use where your job posting will be seen by a multitude of iOS developers pre-screened and ready to work. We don’t do sales pitches because we know the pain points of hiring. That’s why our process is simple, and transparent.

Image listing's hiring process

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