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October 5, 2022 · 3 min read

September 2022 Engineering update

Balancing long-term goals with ever-present fires is a challenge every engineering team comes up against, and ours is no different. This month, we got a heavy dose of UI/UX changes that help to make the app, the website, and our Slack updates a little more enjoyable.

Updated description entry options

While markdown isn’t very popular among the copywriting crowd, it’s a common way for devs to write, share, and submit text-based files. The nuance it lends to writing is great, because you have more control over the format. So to that end, we’ve updated the work history input for developers to accept markdown, giving them greater control over how they style their information.

Geocoded locations

When working remote, the locations of both the client and the developer can be important for a lot of reasons (legal, communication, etc.). We’ve updated the location selector to include geolocation to ensure that clients can easily find devs who are eligible to work for them, and devs can manage timing expectations once they’re brought aboard.

Tailored work preferences

It’s important to us that developers are seeing the jobs that they are not only well-suited to, but ones that interest them as well. So when something pops up that doesn’t feel like a good fit, we want to know. Developers can now select “not interested” when a new opportunity pops up that doesn’t feel like the right one for them.

Auto-adding engagements to profile work history 

Everyone knows the frustration that comes with filling out a work history right after submitting a resume. And while that’s not exactly the case with adding engagements to a profile, we’ve eliminated that step for our developers. This also allows hiring managers to see what kind of work devs are currently engaged with, and when they might be available for another project.

Internal interface improvements

With so much happening behind the scenes, it makes sense to help our team be as efficient as possible. The most recent round of updates from the engineering team includes improvements to streamline the interface, making it easier for our team to schedule important milestone events, like onboarding, interviewing, and hiring.

GIFs on GIFs on GIFs

Is there anything a good GIF can’t do? They express emotion and feeling, enrapturing you but for a brief few seconds. It’s basically a mini dramatic moment with every loop. And our code releases deserve that moment. That’s why the team added release-related GIFs straight into the Slack updates. Just a little somethin’ to keep us all happy and invested in the release schedule.