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July 12, 2021 · 4 min read

The Telegram bot

This new feature is part of a larger product release we’ve outlined in our June 2021 engineering update, but it’s too cool not to have its own breakdown.

We don’t want to hype our own work up too much, but…

…this Telegram bot is f*cking awesome. We know the job search comes at you fast, so we created a way for developers to integrate job searching with an app you’re probably already using. Here’s a breakdown to get the most out of all the Telegram bot has to offer.

How to get started:Add our Telegram bot, connect your freelancer account, and admire that Gunslinger GIF.

That’s it. Now that your account is connected, you’re free to sit back and wait for the job matches to roll in.

You can navigate to the main menu via /start to:

Update your availabilityWe know your availability is constantly changing. Whether you need to edit your hourly availability per week

or adjust your entire availability

You can quickly make those changes in Telegram to update your profile in the app. Plus, you can choose when you want to be reminded to update your availability again. This is key, as the team at is pitching you for gigs while you’re actively looking,and we don’t want to land you an interview that you can’t take.

Turn job match alerts on/off:Cut back on job match noise when you’re not actively looking by toggling your job alert notification preferences.

Edit your skill preferences:Keep your profile up to date and your job alerts relevant by editing the skills and top skills you’re currently seeking roles for.

You can also add skills you’re not interested in receiving job matches for from the “Ignore Skills” setting.

View and apply to open jobs:You can browse all open job matches from “Open Jobs”, or just the ones that match your preferences from “Job Matches” on the main menu. Each job post in Telegram will use an “X” emoji for role requirements that don’t match your preferences and a “checkmark” emoji for ones that do to articulate the best match for you.

Note: If you’re seeing an “X” on role requirements that should be a match, verify your role, availability, and skill preferences are correct.

See a job that looks interesting? Apply right from the Telegram bot. Don’t want to see a job ever again? Click “Not Interested” and it’s as if the role never existed—magic!