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February 6, 2023 · 3 min read

What to prepare before hiring through

Matching you with the highest quality talent starts with understanding exactly what you’re looking for in your next hire. Every bit of knowledge you share with our team puts us on the path to perfecting that match.

If you’re ready to start the process of adding a freelancer to your team, there are some things we’d love to know about your company and the needs our freelancers can help to fill. Things move pretty fast around here, so the more prepared you are, the smoother the process will be. Let’s take a look at some things to prepare before we connect.

What have you already done? If this is a greenfield project, do you have wireframes/project scope/feature list, etc?

Whether you’re looking to bring someone in for a special project or to architect things from the ground up, letting us know where you are in your process will help determine the type of software talent we are looking for. If you’re starting with an idea, we are probably not going to be the best first stop. If this is a greenfield project, we highly recommend having your wireframes created or a project scope in place.

How much of this role will be coding vs leadership vs project ideation?

Similar to the above question, this helps us narrow down the pool of applicants by finding ones whose skills match your needs both from a soft skills and a technical perspective. Will they be strictly writing code? Will they be leading or mentoring others? Will they be responsible for project planning, or will they be tackling assigned tickets? 

What is your monthly budget?

We have a variety of contract options, as well as different pricing structures, and work to find options that fit within your budget. That being said, you should have a realistic idea of your budget requirements before we start matching you with candidates. 

What are your communication expectations? Daily standups, async, etc?

Among the many data points we match for is communication style, as we believe a good fit in this area is paramount to a successful partnership. Do you have daily or weekly meetings? Does the contractor need to work during your business hours, or can they work async?

Who will this person report to? Who will report to them?

Will this person be an individual contributor, or will they be tasked with managing a team?

What are your 30/60/90 day goals? What will success look like?

It’s important to us that the talent who works with you has a clear understanding of what is expected from them and their work. Being able to articulate this from the outset helps to match you with talent that can achieve those stated goals.

How many hours of crossover time will you need with your developer?

We work with talented developers from every corner of the globe, so knowing how many hours a day or week you’d like to work during the same hours as the freelancer you hire will aid in working with geographic factors.

Will your freelancer be speaking or working with any external or third party clients through you?

There are often multiple stakeholders and vendors involved in a single project. Will your freelancer be responsible for speaking with any of those third parties, or will all communication be internal?

What will your interview process look like?

There are plenty of steps we take internally to make sure we’re presenting qualified talent, but it’s very likely you’ve got some more specific things in mind. We typically recommend a maximum of one or two interviews. Developers tend to lose interest in lengthy or laborious interview processes, especially when they are interviewing with multiple companies.