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March 13, 2023 · 4 min read

Cost of delay savings with

When it comes to hiring, it’s easy to look at the amount you’re paying the newest addition to the roster as the most significant cost. The cost to your company is terms of delays and manpower is another accounting line item that’s often overlooked. Here, we detail what the average cost is to hire someone via traditional methods versus using as your hiring partner.

Cost of delay for technical interviews shows up in a lot of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Loss of engineering productivity due to time spent in interviews
  • Loss of engineering productivity due to context switching between work and interviews
  • Decrease in human resources availability due to time spent setting up and conducting interviews
  • Monetary costs associated with a lengthy hiring process

Additionally, we believe using as your hiring partner provides further benefits through:

  • Making stronger hires, which leads to less turnover
  • Allowing for the ability to scale through contract and fractional work
  • Providing a better candidate experience due to the lack of a long interview process

To that end, we have collated data to show what the average costs are for the traditional hiring process versus using to hire software talent. Every potential candidate interviewed will require some amount of time commitment from an HR Manager, an Engineering Manager, a Senior Developer, and a Mid-level developer.

Senior roles typically require four or five rounds of interviews. The first round is a phone call with human resources, followed by a technical interview, a culture fit interview, and a project-based interview. Senior developer interview questions also tend to be more complex and focus on problem-solving skills.

AshevilleColumbusDallasKCSan Fran
Eng. Mgr$225,916$228,744$208,725$222,450$233,351
Sr. Dev$169,102$163,178$152,944$146,025$168,826
Mid Dev$130,041$123,796$112,932$107,872$129,227
Salaries based on Glassdoor reporting as of March 2023
  • HR Manager
    • Average salary: $101,959
    • Hourly salary: $49
    • Fully burdened hourly salary: $70.70
  • Engineering Manager
    • Average salary: $223,837
    • Hourly salary: $108
    • Fully burdened hourly salary: $153.71
  • Senior Developer
    • Average salary: $160,015
    • Hourly salary: $77
    • Fully burdened hourly salary: $110.10
  • Mid-level Developer
    • Average salary: $120,734
    • Hourly salary: $58
    • Fully burdened hourly salary: $83.36

Fully burdened costs assume $300/mo towards healthcare, 4% 401K match, and 20 days PTO.

Traditional hiring model

On average, there are 118 applications per job. If an HR Manager spends 5 minutes on each application, that’s about 9 hours of time in initial review, plus another 2 hours to coordinate screening calls. – Cost: $778

If 20% of those candidates pass the review, the next step would be an initial call by the HR manager with those 23 candidates. If every call lasts an average of 15 minutes, that is 5:45 of time. Add an additional 1:15 to coordinate the next round interviews. – Cost: $495

From that pool of candidates, if ~50% move on to the first round, that is 12 people in a technical interview with a senior developer and an engineering manager. Each of these interviews lasts approximately 60 minutes. Additional time spent preparing, reviewing, and re-focusing averages 60 minutes per interview. – Cost: $6,332

6 of these people move on to the next round, the culture interview. Each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes and involves one mid-level developer and one senior-level developer. Additional time spent preparing, reviewing, and re-focusing averages 60 minutes per interview.  – Cost: $1,742

3 of these people will complete a project-based interview. Each of these projects will take 4 hours to complete, and will pay the prospective developer $50 per hour. Each project will be reviewed by the engineering manager and a senior developer for an hour per project. – Cost: $1,391

1 person will be offered (and hopefully accept) the job. Processing of paperwork, setting up accounts, etc. will require an additional 2 hours of HR work and 1 hour of engineering manager work. – Cost: $295

TOTAL COST: $11,033 and an average of 35 days to make a tech hire, not including loss of productivity due to time spent interviewing. Actual time away from work is ~65 hours.

Hiring through

Initial screening call with an Engineering Manager averages 20 minutes. – Cost: $51

3-5 talent options sent, at ~5 minutes to review a piece, is 60 minutes and involves one Engineering Manager and one Senior Developer (30 min each). – Cost: $132

Of those 3-5, generally 2 are chosen for a one-hour technical and cultural screen by an Engineering Manager and a Senior Developer. – Cost: $528

TOTAL COST: $711 and a hiring timeline of no more than 14 days. Actual time away from work is ~5.5 hours.

As you can see, the cost savings is significant, but is far from the only benefit in using as a hiring partner. And while these numbers reflect industry averages, we would be happy to discuss a more personalized approach to your company’s hiring needs to see how we can save you time, money, and delays in getting your product to market.