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Faith Benson

Faith Benson

Lady behind the keyboard for The Wayfarer

To ace interviews, become a better speaker (here’s how)

Earlier this month, we shared some actionable tips for improving your presentation when interviewing for new opportunities: what kinds of questions to ask, information to share, and Zoom backgrounds to avoid. While important, these practices are icing on the cake. In the case of interviewing, the metaphorical cake is your ability to speak in a […]

5 tips for brainstorming sessions that don’t suck

The first, most integral part of pursuing your business’s Second Act is a really excellent brainstorming sesh. You know the feeling: Whiteboards! Coffee! The term “blue sky” being thrown around like Bushwackers on Broadway! Once you decide you’re open to (or maybe desperately need) a major change, a session like this is typically the next […]

3 ways to effectively lead a remote engineering team

This is Chapter Three of the five-part series: “Ultimate Guide for Building & Managing Remote Technical Teams.” Not all of us were cut out for that #RemoteLife. If you’re considering shifting your development team to remote or pursuing remote work yourself, we encourage you to do some soul searching before diving in. Our highest-performing Professional […]

How to build a world-class remote engineering team

This is Chapter Two of the five-part series: “Ultimate Guide for Building & Managing Remote Technical Teams.” We won’t bury the lead here: good hiring and management strategy is good hiring and management strategy, whether your team is remote or local. The difference? Remote engineering teams allow for growth and directional change more fluidly than […]

How to make money as a freelance software developer with

We’re often asked what sets apart in the freelance platform space, for clients and freelancers alike. As a platform built by engineers, for engineers, we can answer confidently that our differentiator is our commitment to incredible talent – our Professional Freelancers. If you read our piece on building a world-class remote team (or if […]
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