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Faith Benson

Faith Benson

Lady behind the keyboard for The Wayfarer

How we ran virtual workshops (that worked)

We made key business decisions in virtual workshops, and all it took was a little preparation. One refrain I hear over and over from remote leaders—voices in my own head included—is that nothing beats in-person white-boarding. When it comes to brainstorming sessions and real-time collaboration, the available tools for remote work seem to fall short.

The latest from a better alternative to job posts

Can you believe that there’s a better alternative to job posts? Our latest update makes it easier for hirers to share their vision for a perfect candidate.  We’ve spent the last ten years building the best hiring experience in the world for software developers. We believe that teams who can quickly onboard the right talent […]

Our take on rate setting

Developers often ask our advice on pricing themselves. It makes sense: we facilitate hundreds of hires each year and are responsible for negotiating each of those engagements, so yes, we talk about rates and salaries a lot. As a job seeker, there’s tension between underpricing yourself and disqualifying yourself with a sky-high rate. It’s impossible […]

How we shorten our hiring cycle by weeks

It’s no secret that this hiring market is brutal. While we’re all working double time to recruit and hire great talent no matter our job title, the ones bearing the brunt of it are recruiters—particularly technical recruiters. Luckily, we can help shorten your hiring cycle to get your team growing fast. 

Why is hiring people so hard on LinkedIn?

It might seem odd that I used LinkedIn Jobs to make a recent hire. After all, it’s my job to grow, a hiring platform that seeks to outpace LI (and all other hiring platforms, for that matter). The thing is, we operate exclusively in the software development space, and I was tasked with making […]

To ace interviews, become a better speaker (here’s how)

Earlier this month, we shared some actionable tips for improving your presentation when interviewing for new opportunities: what kinds of questions to ask, information to share, and Zoom backgrounds to avoid. While important, these practices are icing on the cake. In the case of interviewing, the metaphorical cake is your ability to speak in a […]

5 tips for brainstorming sessions that don’t suck

The first, most integral part of pursuing your business’s Second Act is a really excellent brainstorming sesh. You know the feeling: Whiteboards! Coffee! The term “blue sky” being thrown around like Bushwackers on Broadway! Once you decide you’re open to (or maybe desperately need) a major change, a session like this is typically the next […]

How to conserve capital when building an engineering team

This is chapter one of the three-part series: A complete guide to capital efficient engineering teams Whether you’re launching a new SaaS startup, scaling your current engineering team, or spinning out a product from your existing company, building out an efficient software development team is a massive investment. 
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