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The Intersection of AI and Medicine with Robert Fratila

One of most promising areas for artificial intelligence research rests at the intersection of biology and medicine. That’s where we found Robert Fratila, CTO and Co-founder of Aifred Health. He and his team won an XPRIZE at the Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. He’s worked on brain-state classifiers, computer vision packages for autonomous […]

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Interoperability via Machine-to-Machine Data Architecture with Jim Nasr

Jim Nasr is Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Synchrogenix where he spearheads strategy and implementation of emerging technologies such as large scale blockchain and machine learning in healthcare and the life sciences. He previously served as Chief Software Architect for the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this episode Jim […]

DevOps Automation, Orchestration, and Choreography with Steve Peak of Asyncy

Steve Peak is the founder and CEO of Asyncy, an ambitious foray into the brave new world of DevOps automation, orchestration, and choreography. An accomplished software engineer himself, Steve’s contributions to the development toolchain includes other efforts like, which he founded in 2015. The future of application choreography in the cloud era requires new […]

Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture with Travis Scheponik

Travis Scheponik is a Master Software Engineer, currently with Capital One. His previous decade of experience has included work in finance, government, education, and a series of multi-industry startups. His areas of expertise include legacy system conversion, cybersecurity, and application performance, as well as recent projects in service discovery, a topic we delve into in […]

Democratizing Blockchain Technologies with Joel Neidig of SIMBA Chain

As blockchain technologies proliferate, one of the most challenging aspects for business users and developers alike is accessibility and user experience. In this episode, Ledge chats with Joel Neidig, CEO and Co-founder of SIMBA Chain, a robust developer framework and API. Originally developed through a DARPA grant, SIMBA Chain enables anyone to quickly create blockchain […]

On-Prem vs. Cloud Deployments with Roland Cooper

Roland Cooper is a 10-year technical operations and infrastructure expert with broad experience in fintech, e-commerce, and B2C. In this interview Roland talks to us about the tensions between on-prem and cloud deployment. On the bleeding edge of software development we often forget the vast majority of technical infrastructure still resides on-prem and in private […]

Disrupting Technology in Healthcare with Chris Venturini

Our guest this episode is Chris Venturini. Chris is a healthcare technologist in the venture technology space with broad expertise in platform development and domain-driven design. In this wide-ranging interview, we dive into Chris’s perspectives on disruptive healthcare technologies and then dial in on risk mitigation through domain-driven design in the full software development lifecycle.
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