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How to make money as a freelance software developer with

We’re often asked what sets apart in the freelance platform space, for clients and freelancers alike. As a platform built by engineers, for engineers, we can answer confidently that our differentiator is our commitment to incredible talent – our Professional Freelancers. If you read our piece on building a world-class remote team (or if […]

How to hire a JavaScript developer

That Javascript, it’s so hot right now. Time to hire a JavaScript developer? Honestly, that’s probably a good idea. JavaScript doesn’t just run on the front end, but has become a powerhouse for creating full-featured and full-functioning web applications. Users expect snappy, responsive sites and intuitive interfaces. If it’s on the web, JavaScript is there.

5 ways to hire iOS developers faster

1. Know Your Market You should hire an iOS developer when you have a clear understanding of what you want and have decided that it should be for the Apple mobile market. Do you know much about your target market – do any of them use Android? 

Using Zappa and Flask to build serverless microservices

Today, I’m going to show you how to write and deploy serverless microservices using Flask and Zappa. If you’re new to Flask, you’ll see just how easy is. However, if you prefer Pyramid, Bottle, or even Django, you’re in luck, because Zappa works with any WSGI-compatible framework!

How to hire DevOps

DevOps is the latest big trend in hiring. Everybody is talking about DevOps, and everybody wants them. So, what the hell are DevOps, why do you need them, where can you find and hire DevOps and what should you be looking for? This guide will hopefully demystify some of that for you.

How to handle time zones as a digital nomad

One of the hardest things about being a digital nomad is dealing with time zone changes as you travel around the world. If you are like most digital nomads, your primary client base is still based in your country of origin. For me personally, my clients were primarily in the United States.
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