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April 27, 2022 · 2 min read

The latest from a better alternative to job posts

Can you believe that there’s a better alternative to job posts? Our latest update makes it easier for hirers to share their vision for a perfect candidate. 

We’ve spent the last ten years building the best hiring experience in the world for software developers. We believe that teams who can quickly onboard the right talent at the right time are the ones who will win, and that the old way of hiring a developer (writing a job post, mining resumes, conducting endless interviews and code tests) simply doesn’t work to this end.

: The latest from a better alternative to job posts

Our obsession with technical hiring has resulted in a process that reduces an industry-standard 2+ month hiring cycle to just 13 days, which (though we might be biased) is pretty sweet. While the speed part is cool, the most rewarding feedback we get from our users is that their development team doesn’t need to think about hiring anymore. And for hiring managers, something that used to take up 50% of their brains is fully offloaded to us and our team of developers-turned-hiring-advocates. That’s a lot of trust, and we don’t take it lightly.

Job posts are not the way

The latest piece of this puzzle was finding a way to get rid of job posts once and for all. Why? They’re intimidating. They’re lawless. But somehow, every new hire has to start with one. It just doesn’t make any sense.

For a long time, we thought of job posts as a necessary evil. But over time, we realized that helping customers imagine what their dream candidate would look like—rather than what the job post should say—was not only a huge time-saver, but more importantly, an exciting and inspired way to get the ball rolling with our team in the quest to find that perfect match. And it also happens to be way more fun than writing a job post.

Enter: Gunslinger Builder. We’ve distilled the key criteria we’ve learned from nearly a decade of matching candidates into a series of one-click questions. The whole thing takes hirers less than five minutes, requires nearly zero typing, and results in higher-fidelity matches.


These Gunslinger requests arrive on the desk of our talent team, who consult live with each hirer before matching them to the senior developers who fit the bill. Doesn’t get easier than that.