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May 3, 2019 · 13 min read

Tips on Technology Leadership from One Phone Call with Sherri Hammons of The Nature Conservancy

Imagine this: you get a call for a CTO job. The company has never had a CTO. It’s a global company with boots on the ground in every country and all 50 states. It gathers scientific data in droves that very well might save the planet. What would you do next? Sherri Hammons knows the answer. She’s the CTO for The Nature Conservancy and that’s her story. In this episode Ledge talks to Sherri about technology leadership, coming to terms with managing and leading when you like being an engineer, and how to keep your team emotionally safe so they perform better under pressure. Sherri’s career path has taken her from professional musician, to solo coder, through multiple M&As, to trailblazing global CTO. Her insights and and experience will leave you energized and inspired.

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