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REST vs GraphQL

POV: a stubborn front-end hardliner There I was, happily Axios-ing my REST endpoints, when a friend sent me a link to this interesting new toy (his words) that would apparently replace REST. Having invested a ton of time in researching REST’s finer points, and as somebody who has spent more than a few hours–sometimes with […]

Using AWS Athena to query AWS service logs

Athena is a powerful tool for ad-hoc data analysis that may also be used as a log-querying engine. After all, logs are just data on S3! In this blog post, Dustin Wilson explains how to use AWS Athena to query your service logs, illustrating with a sample configuration.

Remote Full-Stack salary trends during COVID-19

Most of the working world has been slow to embrace the growing remote-work trend, with many companies frantically searching for remote strategies at the last minute as the coronavirus shut offices across the world. However, inside the tech industry, the remote-work trend has caught fire over the past decade. As more companies worldwide operate through […]

Effective communication while freelancing

Does this sound familiar? You’ve started a new project with a new client. You’ve got your backlog to work on and you get to work. You get into the groove for a week or three and rock out a bunch of those tickets or get that awesome feature nearly complete. And then you log in […]

Managing client expectations

Working as a consultant, one of the most crucial parts of the job is how you manage your communication with your clients and, ultimately, deliver satisfaction (or even sheer joy) with your performance. Perception of your performance from client side is probably one of the most important factors to your success as a consultant. Furthermore, […]

Web scraping with Scrapy: advanced examples

Web scraping is one of the tools at a developer’s disposal when looking to gather data from the internet. While consuming data via an API has become commonplace, most of the websites online don’t have an API for delivering data to consumers. In order to access the data they’re looking for, web scrapers and crawlers […]
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